Anytime you come across a problem with your teeth is a sobering moment. Nothing is scarier than the thought of losing your teeth, some would even consider it a nightmare. Of the many terrible things that you can come across with your oral health, one of the worst things to see happen to your teeth is when they turn gray. Many of us desire to have white teeth and when they begin to yellow or turn gray, we’re left with a less than satisfactory smile.

Unlike other discolorations or issues with your teeth, gray teeth aren’t as easy to prevent.

Why Do Teeth Turn Gray?

When teeth turn gray it comes as a result of trauma to the tooth and blood flow becomes restricted to the tooth. You might not notice this for a number of years, or you could notice it immediately. Grinding your teeth at night is one way to traumatize your teeth. Early exposure to the antibiotic tetracycline can also cause a tooth to turn gray.

What Can Be Done About It?

Unfortunately, whitening your teeth won’t fix this issue, nor will it help with the appearance of your tooth. Upon finding a gray tooth, your dentist will perform a series of procedures to repair it. First, they will need to do a root canal to get rid of the decaying and dead tooth matter. Next, you can choose from a dental crown or you can choose to bleach the tooth. If there are multiple damaged teeth, the best option is to get veneers.

If you have a gray, damaged tooth, don’t hesitate to contact our dental clinic for an appointment with our dentist today. We’ll help you retain the smile you once loved with a standard root canal and whitening, it’ll be like there was never a problem with you smile. Come see us now!