Even with good oral hygiene habits, plaque and tartar can begin to develop on your teeth, which may lead to cavities. Having a professional dental cleaning twice a year can help your teeth to be strong, healthy and cavity-free. In addition, biannual cleanings allow your dentist to see areas in your mouth that may need special attention, perhaps before you even know it yourself, saving you pain, time and money for corrective care down the road.

What To Expect

At Schweichler Dental Care, it is our job to care for each patient in a way that makes them feel confident to go to the dentist. In this way, we try to make all of our teeth cleanings as efficient and painless as possible.

Comfort Level

For patients who keep up a good regimen of flossing and brushing twice daily and who have been seen for a professional dental cleaning within the last year, your visit should be comfortable, fast and pain-free. While it is typical for patients with poor oral hygiene to experience mild discomfort, our trained staff is always attentive to your needs, and we will do our best to make sure your cleaning is a breeze.


Our dentist is present at every cleaning, so that you not only get the spotless teeth and oral health you are looking for, but you also benefit from our professional diagnostic, preventative and educational services. These include: