Taking care of your oral health should always be a priority and it’s important that you’re paying attention to the signs of oral health issues and doing your due diligence to avoid having issues with your teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth isn’t enough. In fact, there is plenty you can do to ensure that your oral health is on the up and up. Take a look at the tips, tricks, and information you need from our dentists.


Technique Is Important

Rubbing your toothbrush up and down and back and forth won’t get the job done. According to the American Dental Association, you should take these steps when brushing your teeth.

  1. Turn your brush to a 45-degree angle.
  2. Use a short, back and forth motion.
  3. Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue.
  4. Hold the brush vertically and brush the backs of your teeth.

With these four simple steps used twice per day and whenever you intake sugar, you can bet on having a healthy and beautiful smile.

Time is Also Important

In order to make sure that you’re giving your teeth the amount of time it takes to get them fully clean, you have to brush them for the right amount of time.The recommended time that you should brush your teeth for is a minimum of two minutes, twice per day. Be sure to set a timer or sing a two-minute song in your head so that you can properly gauge the amount of time that you’re brushing your teeth.


The Right Toothbrush Is Essential

Making sure that you’re picking the right toothbrush can be the difference in having clean and healthy teeth and plaque ridden, unhealthy teeth. The head of your toothbrush should be small enough to reach deep into your mouth. The bristles need to be small enough to feet between all of your teeth so it can get to all those hard to reach places. Don’t settle for a bad tooth brush and end up with cavities and plaque build up.

The Right Toothpaste Is Also Essential

You’re going to want to look at the label of your toothpaste to ensure that you’re using the best possible product. Not all toothpaste is ADA approved and if the paste you’re using isn’t, you might be missing out on quite a bit of dental care.

For more tips on oral health stay tuned for our next blog. For consistent and professional dental care, contact Schweichler Dental Care for an appointment with our dental care clinic.