Going to the dentist isn’t usually something people in Caledonia get excited about. In fact, informing a friend or coworker that you’re off to the dentist’s office is usually accompanied by a groan, a roll of the eyes, or all of the above. We get it. Going to the dentist is a chore that can sometimes bring people anxiety, especially if it’s been a long time since their teeth were examined.

No one wants to hear that there’s a problem with their teeth, like a cavity, chip, or misalignment. Then there’s also the possibility that fixing these problems might be a little uncomfortable, with sounds and sensations that make them feel like they’re at the auto mechanic.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist because you’re scared about what you might find out, Schweichler Dental Care of Caledonia wants to offer you some encouragement. Keep reading to find out why most people hate going to the dentist and how our dental office overcomes those fears with high quality care.

Why People “Hate” Going To The Dentist


Some people have a genuine fear of needles and injections, both of which are necessary tools for the next topic we’ll address: oral pain. Some dentist offices will act like this phobia is irrational, essentially advising their anxious patients to “suck it up” so they can get on with the procedure. This is never the approach at Schweichler Dental Care in Caledonia. Instead, we work to explain the entire injection experience before we start, informing the patient exactly why the needle must be used, what the sensation will feel like, and what the injection site will feel like after we’re done. We try to get it over with as quickly as possible, reassuring you with comforting words every step of the way.


One of the first questions we get any time we go over a dental treatment plan with a new patient is, “Is this going to hurt?” Everyone’s mouth, teeth, and gums are different, and some can be quite sensitive, even when the procedure is routine. We also understand that bad experiences in the past, in which a dentist continued along with a procedure without checking your comfort levels, may have left you apprehensive about your appointment. At Schweichler Dental Care of Caledonia, our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout your entire appointment. We’ll check in with you as to how you’re feeling many times while you’re in the chair. If you’re feeling fatigued or in pain, we’ll take a break or administer more numbing agents to help.


Our goal as your dentist is to educate our patients about how to take care of their teeth, so that invasive, potentially-uncomfortable procedures aren’t necessary. If you’ve had to neglect your dental care because of a lack of time, insurance, or financial resources in the past, please know that you’ll never encounter judgement here at Schweichler Dental Care of Caledonia. We won’t lecture you or embarrass you, we’ll just work together with you to make a plan for improving your dental health.

Our Caledonia Dentistry Is Committed To Caring

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