Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, is a common nuisance for one of every five Americans. This means that 20 percent of the population is suffering from this common oral disorder. But why? What causes dry mouth to occur, and how can we fix it?

  • First, the best way to find the solution to anything is by identifying the problem. Ask yourself, what medications do you take? There is a wide range of medications that can cause your mouth to suffer from xerostomia. Check out the list here.
  • Some other common causes of dry mouth are stress, anxiety and depression. This is because these disorders affect the nervous system, which, in turn, causes the breakdown of organs, including the salivary glands.
  • Not that it comes as a surprise, but alcohol and smoking can have a negative effect on your oral health, causing xerostomia.This is because chemicals in these substances actually block nervous impulses. The effect? Reduced salivary secretion.
  • An unbalanced diet that is deprived of fruits and vegetables and an overconsumption of carbohydrates can affect the level of saliva production you have.
  • If you have undergone surgery recently and noticed a decrease in saliva production, you might have had nerve damage occur while under the knife. This is especially true for cranial surgeries.

If you find that you’re suffering from dry mouth, and it has become less of a nuisance, and more of a health problem, be diligent in talking to your dentist about the issue. Your dental care regimen might need to change to combat some of these issues, and it’s good to make a plan with your dentist. Contact us for an appointment at our dental care facility.