Taking care of your teeth takes a daily effort on your part. Brushing, flossing, and anything else you have added to your oral hygiene regimen are an important part of your oral health. Take that, and frequent visits to your dentist and you have a great combination. So if you’re looking to take your oral hygiene to the next level, how can you do so? Here are some tips for extra dental care that can help keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible.

There are plenty of products and tools to choose from that will help protect your teeth, one of them being a waterpik. These are a great way to floss by using high pressure water that will get into all of the crevices of your mouth, but in a gentle way. Waterpiks are known to help with oral hygiene and keeping your gums healthy.

Another product that you should consider switching is your toothpaste. Complete care toothpastes that whiten, protect against cavities, and clean your teeth are great, but you should consider switching to a product that also protects and helps to rebuild the enamel of your teeth. Not only will your teeth be white, clean and cavity free, but they’ll be stronger and less sensitive.

We also recommend considering oil pulling. This is a great way to keep your teeth white between visits to the dentist for whitening. It’s also great for protecting your teeth from cavities and your gums from gingivitis.

These are all great ways to keep your teeth in great and healthy shape. Your teeth will be so happy, even your dentist will be proud. Get yourself in for a cleaning today, and keep your teeth in the best shape possible.